Medvedev praised `Onegin` from Chirac

Medvedev praised `Onegin` from ChiracPresident of Russia Dmitry Medvedev presented on Thursday a state award for 2007 ex-President of France Jacques Chirac."I am happy, welcoming here, in the Kremlin, Mr. Jacques Chirac. He was awarded the state prize of the Russian Federation for outstanding achievements in the humanitarian field", - said the head of the Russian state.Former French leader arrived in Moscow on a private one-day visit to get awarded him the prize, reports RIA "Novosti"."Well known for his huge personal contribution to the integration process of Europe, the development of Russian-French relations. Here he acted not only as a politician but as a person who had a profound understanding of the great significance and power of the Humanities, the value of extensive contacts between Nations and people," - said the Russian President.According to Medvedev, "the breadth of cultural knowledge Chirac is amazing: it - and a thorough knowledge of the cultural history of the peoples of the Arab world, and the study of Chinese art, and, for us, of course, is especially nice - a deep interest in literature and art of Russia". "The fact that Chirac did his own translations of "Eugene Onegin" speaks volumes", - said the President of the Russian Federation."Such interest in Russian culture positively affected the development of relations between our countries, and natural continuation of this work was the decision to declare 2010 the Year of France in Russia and Russia in France", - said Medvedev.How reminiscent of the Days., the award in the field of humanitarian action is the only state prize that may be awarded to a foreign citizen. Previously it was received by the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alexy II and the writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn.The winner of the State award in literature and art became famous Russian actress Alisa Freundlich. "It is an image and symbol of the great Russian actress, deep, charming, elegant," - said earlier the Director of the Hermitage, the Deputy Chairman of the Council for culture and arts under the President of the Russian Federation Mikhail Piotrovsky.Also the title of laureates awarded to a group of employees of the Museum-reserve "Kulikovo field". Another winner was sculptor Andrey Kovalchuk is the author of the monuments of the monk Savva Storozhevsky, Prince Yuri of Zvenigorod, Peter the Great, Admiral Feodor Ushakov, the poet Fyodor Tutchev. Source: Medvedev praised "Onegin" from Chirac.

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