Jackie Chan has devoted a solo album Olympics

Jackie Chan has devoted a solo album OlympicsThe Beijing Olympics is dedicated solo album actor Jackie Chan "Official album for the Beijing 2008 Olympic games - Jacky Chan's version".It includes 10 songs, full 53-year-old master of kung fu specifically to the current Games. Among them - "We are ready" and "Welcome to Beijing"."We chose Jackie Chan, because he's a famous Chinese master of film and because he did a lot for the Olympics," said album producer Yu Benjani.Jackie Chan has the status of honorary volunteer of the Olympics. He participates in the project "celestial Legend", aimed at promoting Chinese culture in the world. For example, he participated in the creation of a collection of clothes for the Olympics, which, in addition to the five Olympic rings, decorated with calligraphy inscribed with hieroglyphs, such as "Hae" - "peace", and "u" - friendship. Source: Jackie Chan has devoted a solo album Olympics.

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