Alexey Panin decided to go to court to win child

Alexey Panin decided to go to court to win childA fierce struggle popular actor Alexey Panin with former civil wife Julia Udintseva for the 9-month-old daughter Anya continues.The star of the Comedy "dead man's bluff" filed a complaint to the police about a criminal investigation into allegedly kidnapping ex-wife's daughter. However, the investigators ATC Sudogda district of Vladimir oblast refused to Alexei. And the actor has decided to reclaim the child through the court.As previously reported, the actor and his ex-wife after breaking up can not agree about who will remain their little daughter. Panin, claims that the ex-wife's mental problems and because of this you can't trust her child. Panin, according to Julia, gave the court a dubious conclusion "emergency" that she allegedly schizophrenia.The mother of the baby I'm sure that Anya needed parent star only for the image. In late July, unbeknownst to Julia, the actor took the baby from getting it in the Vladimir region. Panin said about the kidnapping of a child and a few days later filed a complaint to the police Department. Investigators, after reviewing the materials, made the decision to refuse the star of the national cinema in the criminal case. According to them, parents have equal rights in the upbringing of his daughter.As told MK Julia, Alex gave her a real persecution. "She is now settled in the St. Petersburg crisis center for women support. I'm afraid even for a second to leave a child unsupervised. Fear that an ex-husband will take the daughter in the yard are always suspicious vehicles," says the young mother.As it became known, the Dzerzhinsky district court of St. Petersburg adopted from Alexei Panin petition to limit the ex-wife in dealing with her daughter. Source: Alexey Panin decided to go to court to win child.

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