Alexander Tsekalo got married in France

Alexander Tsekalo got married in FranceThe famous showman and TV presenter Alexander Tsekalo celebrated the marriage with the sister of the former soloist of group "VIA Gra" Vera Brezhnev - Victoria Galushka. The celebration took place in the French town of Biarritz.Officially 47-year-old Alexander and 23-year-old Vick signed up back in January of this year. Now the couple is expecting their first child - a young wife of the showman is on the fifth month of pregnancy.The wedding ceremony was celebrated in France. The venue was the restaurant "Alberto". How did you find the edition "Your day" wedding dinner Tsekalo invited a little more than twenty people.Tsekalo controlled so that each of the invitees is not spent on the voyage to France a dime. According to relatives, Alexander spent the guests more than 300 thousand Euro.Among the guests of the newlyweds were sister Vicky Vera Brezhneva with her husband and daughter, directed by Tigran Keosayan with his wife Alena Hmelnitsky, actor and friend Tsekalo Yuri Stoyanov.The wedding menu was lobster, king prawns, truffles, lobster tartlets with caviar. For a pregnant wife Tsekalo amounted we provide special dishes. Yet to leave the resort the young do not plan to. Source: Alexander Tsekalo got married in France.

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