Not correctly applied makeup spoils the stars

Not correctly applied makeup spoils the stars Sometimes, looking at photos of celebrities, one could wonder how it was possible to come to the choice of this makeup. It with them!!! We, too, have been plagued by this question.We have reviewed hundreds of photos of stars and chose the best photo, showing the brightest makeup blunders. Many of the celebrities cannot "catch" without, at least, the minimum Macapa. But sometimes even the most glamorous of glamurnishi overdoing it.BAD: FergieIf there was a penalty for exceeding permitted norms creams - sure Fergie would have paid in full. Too thick layer of Foundation plus berry-pink lips - and the natural beauty of the singer was safely hidden under a thick layer of makeup.EXCELLENT: FergieFresh color leather Fergi Ferguson looks great with the natural shade of the lips. And completes the image of a mascara that gives the lashes volume, so that eyes get unobtrusive, but at the same time very bright accent.BAD: Hayden PannetierFiery red lipstick and heavy eye makeup too distracting from the natural data and the radiant youth Hayden Pannetier.I Hayden PannetierThis image highlights green eyes Hayden and her beautiful smile. This makeup is much better suited to her age. She just shines!BAD: keira KnightleyHair straightening is one thing, but the eye makeup and lifeless lips, Kira is quite another. Heavy eyeliner visually reduce eyes, and her lips are certainly not attract.EXCELLENT: keira KnightleyWith fresh complexion, bright pink lips and long eyelashes, the kind of Kira at this time unmatched.BAD: Mary-Kate OlsenDark red lips Mary Kate and heavily made-up eyes hide her natural beauty and makes her look ridiculous. Not to mention that cast...WELL: Mary-Kate OlsenNatural makeup is much more suited to this young actress. Plus it opens its large, sky-blue eyes.BAD: Naomi CampbellUnsurpassed Naomi look lifeless and unattractive refusing to Shine and not highlighting the already rare eyebrows.GREAT: Naomi CampbellDiva all very quickly caught! Thanks to her shimmering pink lips, subtly summed up the arrows and bronze blush, we can reconsider her previous transgression of the law "About makeup". For Naomi - the more glamour and bling, the better.BAD: Nicole RichieWe have an idea where she was going, but ... eh. Makeup her eyes too heavy on the bottom and because of this error Nicole looks tired. Too bright make - up and beautiful eyes can get negative effect.EXCELLENT: Nicole RichieSoft, luminous makeup is much better suited to face Nicole. The outperformance of the eyes and tinted lip - great welcome, perfect for a young star.BAD: Nicole ScherzingerVibrant blue shade are hard to reject, but in this case, Nicole should stay away from them. This concentrated color eyeshadow downright screaming about vulgarity.EXCELLENT: Nicole ScherzingerLess is better... Her natural beauty looks so good with a light Macapa eyes! A neat Shine cool lips complemented her bright smile.BAD: Christina AguileraHer yellow tan, dark red lips and too much with the eye shadow makes a person megastars very dim instead to emphasize her bright smile and mesmerizing blue eyes.EXCELLENT: Christina AguileraWow! Sky-blue eyes Christina underlined incredibly long eyelashes. A bright light Shine emphasizes the perfect shape of the lips. A little blush makes this look complete and perfect. Source: Not correctly applied makeup spoils the stars (photo).

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