Culinary secrets of Angelina Jolie

Culinary secrets of Angelina JolieAbout angelina Jolie write so much and so often that it seems that we know about it all already! However, it is not. She has some secrets. Some of them she keeps as the Apple of the eye, others occasionally blurts journalists.For example, just now it turned out that Angie, like her character from the movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith", completely unable to speak!"I don't cook. It's the only thing I don't know how to do, she says.So in their family that all were fed meets brad pitt!"When I'm not shooting and not give interviews, I will certainly join brad and the kids for Breakfast or lunch. - Jolie Continues. Brad always think about the children and what to feed them for Breakfast. He believes that of all the meals that most important".Despite your desire to be an open person, Angie prefers to leave personal things really personal. Fortunately, much effort for her to not have to make:"I'm honest, so I don't need to worry about what I say. I like it. Yeah I just don't have time and energy to it. Sometimes perceive things wrong, it worries me. But many people know little about me. Known to them, maybe a tenth of my life, and because it remains unchanged, they still think that. But I have my secrets.".

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