Parents Ani Lorak preparing for daughter's wedding

Parents Ani Lorak preparing for daughter's weddingParents are the stars of "Eurovision-2008" Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak in full swing preparing for the wedding of his beloved daughter.However, parents themselves popular artist Ani Lorak and close her fiancГ© Murata still don't know each other and never talked, even though their children lived together for over two years.And just this fall, in celebration of the birthday of Carolina (it's real name Ani), they have the opportunity to meet you.Wedding30 year old singer, as she often said, now completely satisfied with the status unmarried ladies and a civil marriage with a Turk Murat. And after the official presentation from a ring on the finger and a stamp in the passport not to get out, the more that parents want Ani - Jeanne V. and Miroslav Ivanovic. According to the Pope Lorak, daughter blessings he still didn't ask, but consent to the marriage with Murat, he will definitely give. While he's waiting for a dowry from the groom.- A great guy! - says Miroslav Ivanovic. - She could link their fate with some rich man, but listened to his heart. Romantic, in a word. This daughter looks just like me. I'm happy that the daughter was not looking for benefits and found love.FamiliarityThe reason that parents love each other and Ani Murata still not familiar - the crazy busyness of the stars and the huge distance that separates future matchmakers. According to the artist, his family and relatives loved it communicates most often by phone."I am pleased that I liked the mother of Murat (the Pope had long gone), and he is my parents. They immediately accepted it and, hopefully, loved - confessed "Z" happy Lorak. Source: Parents Ani Lorak preparing for daughter's wedding.

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