Island johnny Depp will be illuminated solar system

Island johnny Depp will be illuminated solar systemJohnny Depp (Johnny Depp) bought the island for $3,000,000. And since this tiny island there are no power lines, the actor was forced to find a way to supply your house with electricity.So johnny Depp is a fighter for the purity of the environment, he does not accept diesel energy sources.The actor turned to Mike, Strizki (Mike Strizki) with a request to help him build a system that would produce enough energy to provide housing celebrities with electricity, and at the same time not to poison the environment with harmful gases. Depp has proposed a solar system that stores excess energy in the form of hydrogen, which can light up the room at night or in cloudy weather.However, it is worth noting that this system is quite inefficient. Hydrogen gas is bad stores excess energy in a small space, if it is not, of course, in a condensed form. Thanks propane tanks system Strizki is not expensive. Prolinovyh tanks 37 800 litre capacity enough to store the required amount of hydrogen, and to maintain the electricity on the island at night. Source: Island johnny Depp will be illuminated solar system.

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