The soloist `Roots` found a replacement wife

The soloist `Roots` found a replacement wifeYesterday, the popular singer Irakli became a year older: the temperamental singer celebrated 31st birthday. Since the date is non-circular, the singer decided not to throw the shindig: removed a small restaurant and invited her closest friends.Toast sounded one after another, relatives and colleagues wanted to "manufacturer" success and infinite health.Of brother! For the other! For talented artist! - fighting guests, raising a glass to the birthday boy.Close to midnight, after a hearty feast and gift giving, the hero of the occasion came on stage to please the guests with their songs.FlirtingWhile the guests enjoyed the performance of the birthday, the soloist of group "Roots" and a longtime friend Pirtskhalava Alexander Berdnikov, the time wasn't wasted in vain: he found himself a little more interesting to do. The singer, who just married a month ago, was spotted LIFE.RU in the company of a young and pretty lady. How did you find out the girl's name is Anna. Events moved rapidly: dancing, compliments, hugs, kisses. The culmination of the evening was the mysterious disappearance of the soloist "Roots" along with the beloved: the couple hurried silently removed away from prying eyes.WeddingWe will remind that one month ago Alexander married and soon going to become a dad. Former "manufacturer" found her happiness in the face of 19-year-old girls Olga from Rostov. Olga won the heart of a temperamental young men so much that after 2 months of Dating, lovebirds put stamps on their passports. Source: soloist of the "Roots" found a replacement wife.

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