Secret love life of Nikolai Baskov

Secret love life of Nikolai BaskovIn celebration of the birthday of Anastasia Stotskaya was an answer to a question that has already long months of care about half the country - what is happening in the personal life of Nikolai Baskov.While the country is wondering daisies, some of the girls that appear in its environment, is a new half of the tenor, he remains true to his childhood love.Fifteen years - no more and no less - lasting romantic relationship Nikolai Baskov and famous Actresses Natalia Gromushkina. Many know her as the former wife of Alexander Domogarova, but if she has its own, special.When Gromushkina and Basque in the arms appeared at a birthday Nastya Stotskaya, many of the "knowledgeable" 's eyes widened. Colleagues who are aware of that many years ago these two artists had an affair, were convinced that Nikolai and Natalia, approaching his thirties with the fact that some are not destined to survive for a lifetime, will remain just friends.But it turned out that the failures on the personal front only bonded Union of Natalia and Nicholas, who, as if in a whirlpool with a head, once again immersed in the romance.- Kolya and I know each other for many years. We studied in the same school and was engaged in a theatrical Studio, - has shared with "Z" Natalia Gromushkina. - We talked the whole time. Another thing, you rarely see because of employment. What happens between us, is a private matter of each of us, I would not want to go into details...This reasonably-quiet 33-year-old star of TV series "Heartbreakers" and "Bet on life" was not always the case. There was a period when the girl was chasing one nervous breakdown after another. The cause was an ex, a brawler Alexander Domogarov. At the time, because Gromushkina Domogarov, who wanted to have children by her, even tried to commit suicide. In one interview, the actor talked about how after another argument he slit his wrists. Alexander is not in vain called her a femme fatale.Also calls her boyfriend and Basque. That's only fatal it with another shade: not a vulture, but with love. Nicholas so sincerely delighted with Natasha and so touching cherishes these relationships that suddenly becomes clear why he had taken inspiration.- Next to this girl I feel like I'm 18! - says the singer. Source: privacy Nikolai Baskov.

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