Exclusive interviews about the wedding Ksenia Borodina and her husband

Exclusive interviews about the wedding Ksenia Borodina and her husbandIn an exclusive interview with StarHit leading reality show "Dom-2" on TNT told how she built love on the side.The public wondering: why Borodin, and with obvious pleasure showed their knights, no one reported that she got married? With this question we started our conversation with the bride.Ksenia, as you are leading the controversial program, managed to hide the wedding? What about your own PR?"I do not believe that getting married!- How can this be?Everything happened spontaneously, and we even prepared not done. So we decided to celebrate in secret. Wedding is a Grand affair. Every girl wants a chic celebration, white dress, veil. And their wedding I imagined it like this. Thought at least six months will order in Milan luxury dress cream color. Expected to celebrate on the banks of the Moscow river to the tents, a lot of guests, performances by entertainers, fireworks... In the end everything turned out the opposite. We decided not to invite a lot of people, the press.- Relatives agreed with this turn of events?- My husband is of Armenian family - imagine how many of his relatives?! Of course, they regretted not turned out of the wedding feast. We'll catch up. In a year one will arrange the wedding, after the wedding.- Here you talk about spontaneity, but I don't believe! Married you the day of the "three eights". And on that date, they say, the queue for half a year lined up!- It turns out, the people apply for nine months. Of course, we were late, we could not register the marriage in Moscow. And we went in Chekhov near Moscow. There Jure managed to agree with the Registrar.- How was the wedding?- Registration we had an appointment at two-thirty. In the morning I had to go to the salon, where I built a nice hairstyle, make up was made. And then I'm in the company of the five closest friends sat in the car and drove to the Registrar's office. Yura already arrived there with his friends. Everything was in a mad rhythm. The dress is also amusing. First I bought a pretty simple dress. Why show off? We're the party for a narrow circle gathered! But when Yura said that his side will come 50 people, I began to fuss. Think: we need to change the wedding dress. And bought in the salon spectacular gold dress with open back and train. Early in the third we met at the Chekhov district of the registry office, got out of the car, examined each other from head to toe and laughed together. Even in the way we wrote each other SMS. "You coming?" he asked me Yura. "Food," I answer. "No, tell him you've changed your mind, just come over?".

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