Renata Litvinova underwent plastic surgery with complications

Renata Litvinova underwent plastic surgery with complicationsThe actress, Director and presenter Renata Litvinova, he had serious complications after suffering days of plastic surgery to change the shape of the nose.After a few hours the star had a high fever, increased swelling and deteriorated health in General.41-year-old Litvinov arrived in a beauty Institute located in the heart of the capital, on Tuesday around 10 PM. Especially for her from St. Petersburg arrived plastic surgeon, considered one of the best specialists in the country.The operation took place late at night. According to the newspaper "Your day", the actress was preparing for surgery to change the shape of the nose for several months, but never told about his intentions even to close friends.After rhinoplasty can be bleeding, abscesses, hematomas. After such operations is another, specific complication of a fracture of the ethmoid bone, turning on the internal base of the skull, which can cause increased intracranial pressure.The next day after surgery, the actress has increased swelling, which will go only three weeks, and the internal swelling will go down and all to half a year. In addition, Litvinova is experiencing discomfort due to tampons, bandages and plaster on his nose.Experts appointed Renate anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory therapy and bed rest. Source: Renata Litvinova underwent plastic surgery with complications.

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