About `pregnant man`, rodellega July 4, will shoot the film

About `pregnant man`, rodellega July 4, will shoot the filmThe British broadcasting company DCD Media Plc will take for Channel 4 hour documentary about the world's first "pregnant man" Thomas Beatie, to which the DCD will be exclusive access.Beatie was born a woman, Tracy Lagondino and even participated in a beauty contest in Hawaii, but later began taking hormones and decided to get a sex change operation. In particular, he made a "breast reconstruction", but did not remove the female reproductive organs. As a man, Beatie married Nancy and decided makes for her child, whom she could not conceive because her several years before, had her uterus removed.34-year-old Biti said in an interview to the Times: "the Desire to have a biological child - the desire for women or men and men.".

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