Opens recreated the Palace of Versailles

Opens recreated the Palace of VersaillesBuilt by Louis XV at Versailles, the Trianon Palace recreated the way it left during the great French revolution, Queen Marie Antoinette, and Thursday opens to the public, transmit to the French media.A masterpiece of Neoclassicism the Petit Trianon was built in the 60 years of the 18th century. Louis the Fifteenth loved to walk in these places in the company of his mistress Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson, which he bestowed the title of Marquise de Pompadour.In 1763, having listened to the advice Pompadour and her brother the Marquis de Marigny, he commands the first architect of the king, ange-Jacques Gabriel to proceed to the construction of the Small Trianon, which lasted until 1768.Louis the Fifteenth gave the Palace at the disposal of his new mistress, which after the death of Madame de Pompadour became the Countess Dubarry, but in the historical memory of the Petit Trianon represents, above all, the tastes and caprices of the wife of Louis the Sixteenth, Marie Antoinette, who preferred it to the other palaces of Versailles.About 250 participants worked for a year to recreate rooms and Small gardens of Trianon in the form in which they were escorted to Paris Royal family in October 1789, when the storm of popular unrest has come to Versailles."When (October 5) the rebels approached the fence of Versailles, singing (revolutionary song) "Carmagnola", Marie-Antoinette was in the small Trianon" - says the architect Pierre-andrГ© Labled, who led the restoration work.The Queen walked, it rained, she took refuge in the artificial grotto English garden. It sent a servant to inform about the incident.The next day, the Royal family moved to Paris, where the king and his wife four years later sacrificed revolution. Louis XVI was executed on 21 January 1793 by the verdict of the National Convention, and nine months later, on October 16th on the scaffold were killed Marie Antoinette, convicted by a revolutionary Tribunal of treason.However, the restored Palace of Versailles does not remember this bloody denouement - the restorers managed to reverse history, focusing on 5 October 1789."We wanted to stop the story at this point, as if to say to the visitor: the Queen came, take a moment!", says Labled.The restoration of this small Palace, gardens and the "French pavilion" in a few tens of meters, at a cost of 5.3 million euros. Funds were provided by the company producing luxury watches Breguet (Swatch group of companies).Still the visitors could only get to the second floor, now open to the public area of the Palace has increased more than three times.The restorers returned the primordial role of the first floor, which previously housed the administration, and the third, which was in reserve. In the Palace were re-installed original Windows, from the vaults got the right furniture, and the missing - bought.The apartments of the Queen, which were open to the public and before the restoration, the restored dГ©cor matches the garden, broken near the Palace. Appear before the visitors boudoir of Marie-Antoinette with "moving mirrors", library of books marked P. T. (Petit Trianon, the Petit Trianon), bathroom, apartments of the king, the room maids. All this, according to the Director of Versailles Pierre Arizzoli-Clements allowed to recreate the luxurious "summer home" of the Queen.On the ground floor to the public presented an oven and hob, and a hall with silverware with utensils of silver and porcelain, which was used by the Queen.In the former predohranenie where now there is a video system that allows you to conduct a virtual tour of the Palace for the disabled, open mechanical system autobography that was installed in the Royal Palace, but was never used.Third floor Small Trianon dedicated to other women who once lived in the Palace. It exhibits the furniture and belongings of the daughter of Marie Antoinette Madame Royale, the niece of Marie-Antoinette to the Empress Marie-Louise and wife of Napoleon III Empress Eugenie.According to media reports, on the first and third floors are only accessible with a guide, while the access to the apartments of the Queen free. Source: Opens the reconstructed Palace of Versailles.

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