Nursing Jolie shot for the cover of `W`

Nursing Jolie shot for the cover of `W` The mother of six children allowed to take a picture of yourself at the time of feeding one of the recently born twins. This image was published in the American journal "W".In the meantime, actors who look more and more like a family of Mormons, having a good time in New Orleans.On Tuesday, Angelina Jolie and brad pitt cuddled like newlyweds in the Center of the project on the restoration of New Orleans affected by the deadly hurricane Katrina in 2004.Brad in a hat, white shirt, and his trousers resembled a member of the Church of Jehovah's Witnesses, but was still acting as a normal man.Firmly pressed Angie from behind and from behind her talking to the crazed center employees.He told them that recently donated a large sum, which is enough to build 90 houses for the victims of the hurricane.While the adults discussed their problems, around Jolie and pitt ran their two adopted children - 7-year-old Maddox and 5-year-old pax.The latter does not survive the stress of dramatic changes in their lives - not easy to get used to the fact that you're not Vietnamese beggar, the orphan and the son of the hottest couples in Hollywood. Perhaps that is why pax is still not forgotten how to suck the thumb on his right hand.Meanwhile, now face the difficult choice is Angelina. According to the actress, she wants to leave the movie to come to grips with the children, but brad assures her otherwise.The couple already had a serious conversation, during which brad said that Angelina may combine and care for children, and work in film. Jolie also said in an interview that, despite the fact that she and brad had already adopted three children, they are not going to stop there and want their family was even more.However, the star also admits that at the moment they have brad has no personal life. "Even if we close the door, the kids are kicking and ask her to open. We often try together with brad to take a bath late at night. We had a talk. But children hear the splashing of water and join us. On the one hand, it is ridiculous and funny, but we are pleased," said 33-year-old actress. Source: Nursing Jolie shot for the cover of "W" (photo).

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