The group `Shiny` presented a new composition

The group `Shiny` presented a new compositionAfter members of the group "Brilliant" gone Zhanna Friske, the soloist began to change. And music "Muz-TV" the team unveiled its new participant - Julianna Lukasheva.But her appearance was a question - where and why he went missing Natasha Friske. In addition, the "Shiny" in the new structure preparing for the filming of the video for the song "Classmates". Days.Ru not a little puzzled by the disappearance of sister Jeanne Friske. First in the phone book was Jeanne, so we called her."I, of course, very razdosadovanna and I can say that my sister is also very concerned about it. But, apparently, she wasn't ready for it. She, unfortunately, failed. After all, it was some sort of probation, and she just couldn't cope with personal goal," said Friske.Jeanne also said that, of course, "as a nurse, and as a helper and as someone who was in this team," advised Natasha, but rather: "I always try to advise, not to advise, and to share knowledge, because I had quite a grown man," said Jeanne.Natasha Friske met the expectations of the sisters and showed himself to be a truly sensible person: "I realized that if I work there (in the group "Brilliant" - approx. Days.), I can't finish College. But if I can't finish the Institute, I will not have higher education. And if I don't have higher education, I'm not wanted. Right?" - Friske said the younger.But the longer Natasha spoke, the more appeared inconsistencies between her version of leaving the group and what he thinks Jeanne, her sister, who said that it was entirely the initiative of producers."We met with the producers and with Jeanne together and all agreed. It was a mutual decision," says Natasha.The PR service of the group "Brilliant" shared with the Days.Ru the same version. They said that the work of the soloist is very specific and difficult, and then added, "And Natasha before that was never in the band.".

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