Prices `Nude` photoshoot domestic movie stars

Prices `Nude` photoshoot domestic movie stars20 years ago the movie "Little Faith" was a real revelation for the domestic audience: it turned out that sex is not only with the USSR, but even in Soviet cinema.Actress Natalia Negoda instantly became a sex symbol and the first of our compatriots breast paved their way and right on the cover of American "Playboy" - as they say, for a good fee, says Komsomolskaya Pravda.Now, "nudity" on the screen hardly anyone surprised by - case put on stream, only different prices.Thus, in the period of popularity of the group "Tatu" in the West American Playboy offered girls 200 thousand dollars for candid shooting. However, the parties do not agree on the price - rumored to be a former producer of Julia Volkova and Lena Katina Ivan Shapovalov demanded with Playboy for a million euros.Sexy girls from the group "VIA Gra" take 10 thousand euros for a photo shoot.But it is known that the glossy magazines only pay units: Russian Playboy, Maxim and domestic does not pay domestic stars, the fee for the pond.Anna Kovalchuk, aka Masha Shvetsova - a humble investigator in a buttoned up suit from the series "Secrets of investigation", in the film the Master and Margarita by Vladimir Bortko appeared in a completely different manner. Her naked Margarita flies over Moscow and in a very risque outfit greets guests at the ball Woland. According to rumors, this "frankness" Anna has received 100 thousand dollars in excess of the normal fee.After the series "My fair nanny" Anastasia Zavorotnyuk was invited to a major role in the spy blockbuster "the Apocalypse Code". According to the script, the actress was not only beautiful to fight, but to undress and skillfully. "Nanny" Nude producers talked for 40 thousand dollars. However, they say that after the movie was seen by numerous generals-experts, spicy scenes featuring Nastya wanted to cut. Say, our superspy in "it's" never gone. But the producers managed to defend the stage with Zavorotnyuk naked in the shower.One of the most candid moments of the film by Stanislav Govorukhin "Bless the woman" - when the main character, played by a young actress Svetlana Khodchenkova naked bathing in the sea. As friends and relatives this scene is not very much. After that Svetlana promised myself never to undress in front of cameras. Until today, his promise, the actress is not breached. And besides, the husband of actress actor Vladimir Yaglych jealous of her candid shots.It is worth noting that the fall premiere of the Comedy film "Hitler kaput", where a major role was played by the Busty singer and figure skater Anna Semenovich. In the film, there are intimate scenes: ex-"brilliant" splashing in the tub with the actress Evelina Bledans! If the latter was denounced in front of the cameras without any hesitation, she had to be persuaded to undress entire crew of the film. But unfortunately, the owner of one of the biggest busts of our show business extra fees nudity was never paid. Source: Prices are "naked" photoshoot domestic movie stars.

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