Artists haunts of the famous painting by Malevich

Artists haunts of the famous painting by MalevichA dozen contemporary artists, going on summer vacation, I decided to once again sing in the new manner known image of the "Black square" by Malevich.What came out of it, can be seen at the exhibition "100% blacksquare", which is now in Moscow. As might be expected, the dialogue with Malevich was mixed: some openly admire him, others strive to pry and be thrown from the pedestal.Along with dolls, caviar and ushanka "Black square" by Kazimir Malevich, Dating back to 1915, long since turned into a national, cultural and commercial brand. Even if one is not versed in the currents of Russian avant-garde, his iconic work in this direction POPs up immediately. POPs up, usually in a sarcastic and ironic context: that's modern art, complete degradation when the painting remains in the truest sense of the black hole! In the late 1990-ies the exhibition Malevich at the Tretyakov gallery browser "OR" had to watch infinite group, staying for a long time about the "Square". Needed to hear what comments were given by the tour guides to explain the picture." Here you and the struggle of light with darkness, and the icon of the most cruel and inhuman of the twentieth century, and some complicated mathematical ratios, coupled with the mystical insights. In General, the number of interpretations is crazy and insinuations "Black square" is right behind "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo da Vinci.Nothing surprising in the fact that "Square" is a special kind of artistic currency, which goes hand in hand in almost all contemporary Russian galleries and museums. Same role in the West performs "Fountain" by Duchamp (urinal exhibited in the beginning of the century as works of art). If you want to sum up the Foundation for radical gestures and the denial of realism with academism, better example than Malevich, you will not find. So not so long ago in the Russian Museum held an exhibition "adventures of the Black square", where artists practiced shifting black and white figures. Now the gallery "Pop/Off/Art" has decided to repeat the same course for a summer show - especially because many of its authors participated in the St. Petersburg venture.As expected in such cases, the exhibition "a perfect Square" is more like artistic skit. For humor and irony meets one of the founders of Sots art" Vagrich Bakhchanyan. He invented a number of "Mala Mala Malevich" - the line of diminishing squares. There are still squares with conceptual signatures: "Black as caviar square" or "Black as the envy of the square". Social and even religious meaning of the theme - Aladdin Garunova. In the form of squares he laid on the floor, Oriental prayer rugs. Next research almost schemas Alexander Pankin: the artist found that the white and black side on the picture of Malevich is equal to the area - so it is possible to arrange a kind of "spray", reformat the square so that two colors are reversed. Finally, there is a sample of the square as a souvenir and almost trinkets. Oleg Artyushkov done purely Russian version of the Rubik's cube. Instead of the colored sides on each side is a black square.Hardly rehashing the old songs can become hits. Similarly there is nothing particularly new about Malevich and the creation of gallery artists replied. Such an exhibition would have looked great in the walls of the Tretyakov gallery, to make an next to the original. Was a great gift to the audience, hungry in the off season. But it just so happened that the Tretyakov gallery is unable to deal with modernity. The cultural gap has to close in a few side - on gallery field. Source: Artists haunts of the famous painting by Malevich.

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