`David` by Michelangelo looms

`David` by Michelangelo loomsThe famous statue "David" by Michelangelo could collapse due to the fact that it is constantly open to the crowds of tourists, Italian experts warn.They note that the marble from which the Renaissance sculptor carved the statue of a young warrior, fragile, and the shape and huge size of the statue does not make it stronger.But the biggest concern among scientists of the University of Perugia cause volatility created by thousands of people walk daily by visiting the Accademia Gallery in Florence.Scientists propose to isolate "David" from vibrations. It may cost a million euros.A recent study of the statue revealed that the cracks filled four years ago during the restoration, dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the creation of "David" appeared again.Restoration techniques were controversial: many scholars have argued that distilled water, which washed the statue, which may damage it.The statue of Michelangelo received wide recognition almost immediately after creation.At first she was standing on the main square of Florence - at the time an independent city-state, - symbolizing the political ideal of the Republic, triumphant over stronger enemies.David - the character of the old Testament, who won the fight with the giant Goliath.In the history of "David" by Michelangelo there were cases of vandalism: shortly after the public jumped all over her, an angry mob, and in 1991, the statue was struck with a hammer is mentally unstable artist.In addition, David has become one of the recurring themes of kitsch: copies of it are found everywhere from the casinos of Las Vegas to cheap bars of the Mediterranean. Source: "David" Michelangelo could collapse.

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