Kovalchuk has refused to star in the style of `Nude`

Kovalchuk has refused to star in the style of `Nude`After leaving the group "Brilliant" Julia Kovalchuk began her solo career. And as soon as she filmed the video for his first song "push me", she became interested in the foreign market.Yulia made an unexpected offer to become the face of lingerie collection one of the famous brands.The company name is the singer while hiding, as negotiations are not yet completed and there is no precise agreement. "Honestly, for me the proposal was a shock," admits Julia. - I can't tell everything, but it's a well-known European firm, and previously faces of their brand were world-famous model, actress. They offered to present their new collection, which is tentatively due out in early summer next year." Julia Kovalchuk, has a great appearance, remarkably similar to the actress Sarah Jessica Parker, so it's no surprise that she became interested in one of the global brand owners.Arriving in Moscow on business, he saw the debut music video of the singer and immediately showed it to my colleagues. They both liked Kovalchuk and the scene on the bed that they decided not only to make her the face of their new collection of underwear, but going to use similar shots in his advertisements.But despite the fact that in the clip Julia appeared before the audience completely Nude, however, clearly demonstrated their rounded shape, to shoot for advertising without underwear flatly refuses."Well I'm flattered at the offer," says Julia. But from our side there will be some conditions. Still, it's underwear, and it's unclear what would be the scenario of the movie, in what form and how have taken. My main requirement is "Nude" definitely not!" Source: Kovalchuk has refused to star in the style of "Nude"".

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