The collection of impressionist art went under the hammer

The collection of impressionist art went under the hammerAt London auction Sotheby's was sold to a collection of works by Impressionists and contemporary artists. It went under the hammer at 102.2 million pounds."During a highly successful auction, we saw a strong and qualified interest from foreign buyers. A real triumph was the iconic paintings of exceptional quality, which have recently appeared on the market," said co-chair of the Department of art of the impressionist and modern art auction house Melanie Clore.Their customers have found 90% of lots sold 45 lots from 50 went for prices that exceed one million dollars. Average lot price has exceeded 2 million pounds."A record 70% of the lots were sold to buyers from Europe (including Britain and Russia), which indicates the exceptional power of this burgeoning market," - said the expert.The most expensive painting of the evening was the work of Italian futurist Gino Severini "Dancer". An anonymous buyer paid for her more than 15 million pounds, cutting off almost half the estimated cost of the work and set an absolute record price for the work of the artist. Still the maximum amount that collectors gave for canvases Severini, did not exceed 2 million pounds, reports RIA "Novosti". Source: Collection of impressionist art went under the hammer.

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