Jim Carrey visited with a friend at a gay club

Jim Carrey visited with a friend at a gay clubA small splash and a large wave of rumors spawned a recent walk through the streets of Miami famous comedian Jim Carrey ("the Mask"). 46-year-old actor, painted and appropriately dressed, strolled arm in arm with muscular handsome.Onlookers were unaware that Jim is a partner in the film - a 32-year-old Rodrigue Santoro ("lost", "300") just went for a walk during a break at work.However, removed a couple of really in the movie about gay - black Comedy "I Love You Phillip Morris". Carrie plays a prisoner who falls in love with his cellmate. And how to remain indifferent, if your roommate on his bunk depicts a darling Ewan McGregor ("Moulin Rouge").By the way, Jim and Evan twice a week once sat in the Miami gay bar "Halo". You see, taking on the image. The film will amuse the audience this year. Читать полностью -->

Prince Harry went to Africa to help sick children

Prince Harry went to Africa to help sick childrenThe younger son of Charles, Prince of Wales Prince Harry along with 26 other soldiers cavalry Court went into a small country of Lesotho in southern Africa.In Africa, Prince Harry will participate in the construction of schools for children with mental and physical disabilities. This was announced by the Director under the patronage of the Prince Sentebale charity Fund Harper brown.Over the next three weeks, Harry and his colleagues have to build ramps to cover the roof, to install fencing and plaster building.The Prince is very familiar with Lesotho - in the Kingdom he spent a year after high school. Since 2004 he has repeatedly expressed a desire to return to the country to help its citizens. In Lesotho is among the highest level of HIV infection, also it is shaken by the bubonic plague. Incurable diseases out there suffering 30% of the population, and life expectancy does not exceed 34 years, reports RIA "Novosti".The idea of rebuilding dilapidated schools in the North of Lesotho belongs to Prince Harry and the younger brother of the king of Lesotho Prince of Shiso. Source: Prince Harry went to Africa to help sick children. Читать полностью -->

The soloist `Roots` found a replacement wife

The soloist `Roots` found a replacement wifeYesterday, the popular singer Irakli became a year older: the temperamental singer celebrated 31st birthday. Since the date is non-circular, the singer decided not to throw the shindig: removed a small restaurant and invited her closest friends.Toast sounded one after another, relatives and colleagues wanted to "manufacturer" success and infinite health.Of brother! For the other! For talented artist! - fighting guests, raising a glass to the birthday boy.Close to midnight, after a hearty feast and gift giving, the hero of the occasion came on stage to please the guests with their songs.FlirtingWhile the guests enjoyed the performance of the birthday, the soloist of group "Roots" and a longtime friend Pirtskhalava Alexander Berdnikov, the time wasn't wasted in vain: he found himself a little more interesting to do. The singer, who just married a month ago, was spotted LIFE.RU in the company of a young and pretty lady. How did you find out the girl's name is Anna. Events moved rapidly: dancing, compliments, hugs, kisses. The culmination of the evening was the mysterious disappearance of the soloist "Roots" along with the beloved: the couple hurried silently removed away from prying eyes.WeddingWe will remind that one month ago Alexander married and soon going to become a dad. Читать полностью -->

Scandal between Sobchak and Gordon continued

Scandal between Sobchak and Gordon continuedScandal between Ksenia Sobchak, a leading radio station "Mayak" Catherine Gordon continued. The latter was removed from the airwaves.The reason for this is not the ether with Ksenia Sobchak, and poliefirnaya public comments on the Internet that are leading the ether has no right," said the radio station "Echo of Moscow" Director of broadcasting RTR Sergey Arkhipov.Most likely, it is on record that after the scandalous ether Gordon did in his blog. "The continuation of our Ksenia essential controversy is, - has told to Days.Roux Catherine, I wrote a post about it in the blog what I think about all that has happened. He was in the top 3 days in a row. Ksenia same on ether made against me once again.Colleague Katie Gordon on the radio station "Mayak" writer Dmitry Glukhovsky admitted to the newspaper that it is not aware of the removal co-host: "the Only thing I can say for sure is that I personally at "Mayak" remain". Comments by the leading still did not manage to get her mobile phone turned off.Ether with Ksenia Sobchak became one of the most scandalous at "Mayak". Читать полностью -->

Gisele Bundchen shines at fashion Week in Sao Paulo

Gisele Bundchen shines at fashion Week in Sao Paulo The highest paid model in the world Gisele Bundchen - took to the runway during the Colcci fashion show by the fashion Week in Sao Paulo.According to the website Gossip Girls, famous Brazilian in recent times, not very often appears in fashion shows, but for his native country she made an exception. Gisele graced his two outputs showing from Colcci (see our photo gallery).From other supermodels from around the world in one day was declared Naomi Campbell. She had to demonstrate a line of swimwear brand Rio, but her plans, unfortunately the organizers (or maybe fortunately for them, given the controversial nature of the "Black Panther") has changed following the ruling of the London court sentence for assaulting a police officer. Recall, the 38-year-old bujanda was sentenced to 200 hours of free community service. Source: Gisele Bundchen shines at fashion Week in Sao Paulo (photos). . Читать полностью -->

Upon death Prokurorov brought the case

Upon death Prokurorov brought the caseThe Department of internal Affairs across Vladimir region opened a criminal case on the fact of death in a traffic accident in Vladimir Olympic champion in cross-country skiing Alexei Prokurorov."The criminal case was opened under part 2 of article 264 of the RF criminal code (violation of traffic rules and operation of vehicles, entailed on imprudence death of the person). The special investigation unit to investigate the accident at the police Department for the Vladimir region carries out necessary investigative actions", - quotes RIA "news" words of a senior assistant city Prosecutor Vladimir Ivana.Olympic champion in ski racing Alex Prosecutors died in Vladimir on October 10. He was hit by a car VAZ-2114 at the intersection of Komsomolskaya descent" and "Uritsky", near the train station. Alex passed away almost immediately.The investigation is complicated by the fact that those interviewed did not actually see the accident. On recorded at the scene traces established that at the time of the accident Alex Prosecutors were on the sidelines.VAZ-2114 after the collision, crossed the intersection, drove over a sidewalk curb, knocked down a wooden fence and ended up in a ditch. The exact speed of the car is not installed, one can only assume that she was high. Читать полностью -->

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