Victoria Beckham shocked the audience with a new image

Victoria Beckham shocked the audience with a new imageVictoria Beckham since the collapse of the Spice Girls is known more as the wife of a famous football player and a lover of social events.Attempts to Victoria to start a solo career or to do business was not too successful, and where it looks more organic in the role of a socialite.It is logical that the reason for hot discussion are any changes in your wardrobe or appearance of Victoria. So, the other day she shocked the audience with a new hairdo. Mrs Beckham suddenly abandon its proprietary cutting - straight, combed oblique parting hair, short at the nape and extends up to the chin in the front.Now Victoria haircut, often called "elf", writes the Daily Mail. Short tousled hair really remind hairstyle fabulous creatures.New image coincided with the launch of a new fashion collection name Victoria Beckham. Who knows, maybe this initiative will bring the star dividends. Previous attempts to penetrate the fashion market Victoria was a difficult task. Читать полностью -->

The most beautiful female athletes: the American version

The most beautiful female athletes: the American version The website he published his version of the ten most beautiful female athletes, based on a poll of readers.Tops the list of Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova, who has long been not acting.On the second place of the Brazilian twins Bia and Branca that are included in your national team in synchronized swimming.In third place American pole vaulter Allison Stokke. She is no great achievements in sports, but her photos are very popular on the Internet, which probably ensured Alison's place in the ranking.On the 4th place world champion in swimming American Haley cope. She adorned the pages of men's magazines FHM and Maxim.The fifth position is recognized as the Queen of sports beauty Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova.The sixth entry of visitors to the site gave Daniele Cicarelli. She's not an athlete. But apparently, the decisive role was played by the fact that she has long been a friend of the Brazilian striker Ronaldo.In seventh place American runner Jackie Adams. Photographed for the special project of the magazine FHM "Sexy Olympians".Eighth in ranking Russian tennis player Maria Kirilenko.At the 9th place swimmer Amanda beard, whose photo shoot for Playboy magazine caused a heated debate in the United States.Last on the list of most beautiful female athletes Romi Bronco, cheerleading team, "Denver Bronco". Читать полностью -->

Parents Ani Lorak preparing for daughter's wedding

Parents Ani Lorak preparing for daughter's weddingParents are the stars of "Eurovision-2008" Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak in full swing preparing for the wedding of his beloved daughter.However, parents themselves popular artist Ani Lorak and close her fiancГ© Murata still don't know each other and never talked, even though their children lived together for over two years.And just this fall, in celebration of the birthday of Carolina (it's real name Ani), they have the opportunity to meet you.Wedding30 year old singer, as she often said, now completely satisfied with the status unmarried ladies and a civil marriage with a Turk Murat. And after the official presentation from a ring on the finger and a stamp in the passport not to get out, the more that parents want Ani - Jeanne V. and Miroslav Ivanovic. According to the Pope Lorak, daughter blessings he still didn't ask, but consent to the marriage with Murat, he will definitely give. While he's waiting for a dowry from the groom.- A great guy! - says Miroslav Ivanovic. - She could link their fate with some rich man, but listened to his heart. Читать полностью -->

Letters of Princess Diana auctioned

Letters of Princess Diana auctionedTuesday in London will be fired with the hammer four letters of the Princess of Wales Diana addressed her nanny. This is stated in the message of the auction house Reeman Dansie.The letter was put up for auction the babysitter Princess Mary Clark. According to experts, they may be sold for more than 10 thousand pounds, reports RIA "Novosti"."Very sorry to part with the letters, but my memories of Diana, which was just an amazing woman who will always be with me. I recall with sadness her because her dreams shattered," said the nurse of the Princess.The oldest of the letters was written by Diana Spencer (nГ©e Princess of Wales in 1978 years. Seventeen-year-old Diana very directly tells us about his ability to dance: "the Love of my life is dancing. Tap dance, modern dance, ballet, jazz. Читать полностью -->

Culinary secrets of Angelina Jolie

Culinary secrets of Angelina JolieAbout angelina Jolie write so much and so often that it seems that we know about it all already! However, it is not. She has some secrets. Some of them she keeps as the Apple of the eye, others occasionally blurts journalists.For example, just now it turned out that Angie, like her character from the movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith", completely unable to speak!"I don't cook. It's the only thing I don't know how to do, she says.So in their family that all were fed meets brad pitt!"When I'm not shooting and not give interviews, I will certainly join brad and the kids for Breakfast or lunch. Читать полностью -->

Not correctly applied makeup spoils the stars

Not correctly applied makeup spoils the stars Sometimes, looking at photos of celebrities, one could wonder how it was possible to come to the choice of this makeup. It with them!!! We, too, have been plagued by this question.We have reviewed hundreds of photos of stars and chose the best photo, showing the brightest makeup blunders. Many of the celebrities cannot "catch" without, at least, the minimum Macapa. But sometimes even the most glamorous of glamurnishi overdoing it.BAD: FergieIf there was a penalty for exceeding permitted norms creams - sure Fergie would have paid in full. Too thick layer of Foundation plus berry-pink lips - and the natural beauty of the singer was safely hidden under a thick layer of makeup.EXCELLENT: FergieFresh color leather Fergi Ferguson looks great with the natural shade of the lips. And completes the image of a mascara that gives the lashes volume, so that eyes get unobtrusive, but at the same time very bright accent.BAD: Hayden PannetierFiery red lipstick and heavy eye makeup too distracting from the natural data and the radiant youth Hayden Pannetier.I Hayden PannetierThis image highlights green eyes Hayden and her beautiful smile. Читать полностью -->

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