Alexander Tsekalo got married in France

Alexander Tsekalo got married in FranceThe famous showman and TV presenter Alexander Tsekalo celebrated the marriage with the sister of the former soloist of group "VIA Gra" Vera Brezhnev - Victoria Galushka. The celebration took place in the French town of Biarritz.Officially 47-year-old Alexander and 23-year-old Vick signed up back in January of this year. Now the couple is expecting their first child - a young wife of the showman is on the fifth month of pregnancy.The wedding ceremony was celebrated in France. The venue was the restaurant "Alberto". How did you find the edition "Your day" wedding dinner Tsekalo invited a little more than twenty people.Tsekalo controlled so that each of the invitees is not spent on the voyage to France a dime. According to relatives, Alexander spent the guests more than 300 thousand Euro.Among the guests of the newlyweds were sister Vicky Vera Brezhneva with her husband and daughter, directed by Tigran Keosayan with his wife Alena Hmelnitsky, actor and friend Tsekalo Yuri Stoyanov.The wedding menu was lobster, king prawns, truffles, lobster tartlets with caviar. Читать полностью -->

Fans of Katie Holmes want to save her from Scientology

Fans of Katie Holmes want to save her from ScientologyShe was beautiful, innocent girl, but now the soul of Katie Holmes want to capture the forces of evil, are assured fans the actress who had gathered for a rally near one of the theaters of Broadway.Fans of a movie star, confident that the husband of Cathy, the Hollywood hunk Tom cruise is slowly but surely turning her into an adept in sects, organized the protest after the premiere of the debut performance of Katy at the new York theatre Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, writes The Sun.Recall that Tom cruise, the star of the movie "Mission impossible", holds the post of assistant to the head of the Church of Scientology and has been advertising and recruiting new people. "We are boycotting Katie, we don't boycott the show - we protest against Scientology" shouted an anonymous protesters wearing masks, also telling about the dangers of the controversial cult."Scientology is evil! She kills people. She will follow you home at night. This is a perverted religion," the people chanted and stretched the posters "Freedom for Katie! Stay away from Tom". It is worth mentioning that in addition to Tom cruise, from Hollywood stars addicted to Scientology actor John Travolta and actress kirstie alley, but the protesters somehow remembered only a rock musician and folk guitarist Beck."Run , Katie, run!" - written in large letters on one of the banners, "bring your Bey" - says the following inscription. However, it is likely that it is not about the singer Beck, and David Beckham, a popular football player and close friend of Cruz. Читать полностью -->

Sotheby's has set up 19 records

Sotheby's has set up 19 recordsThe establishment immediately nineteen records in sales of works by Old masters, including Jan Brueghel the Elder (1568-1625) and Tintoretto (1518-1594), ended the evening English trading auction house Sotheby's.Total sales amounted to 51.5 million pounds (101.5 million dollars), which, according to the representative auction - the second in the history of the house is the result at the auctions of Old master paintings.The highest result of 67.5 million pounds - marked on the trading session, 2002, when the painting "massacre of the innocents" by Peter Paul Rubens sold for 49.5 million pounds (76,7 million).For the greatest price by more than 7 million pounds ($14 million) - went under the hammer last night "Portrait of Willem Heythuysen" painted by Frans Hals (1580/1585-1666), the founder of the Dutch realist school, more than two exceeds the original estimate.For 5.4 million pounds (10.7 million dollars) purchased a painting by the British painter, master of romantic landscape Joseph Turner (1775-1851) "Pope Villa in Ticinese"."Dancing on the edge of the village" by Jan Brueghel the Elder sold for 3.5 million pounds (6.9 million dollars)."We are delighted with the results of the auction, - said the head of the international Department of the Old masters Sotheby's Alex bell. They not only testify to the strong position of the art market, but also reflect the highest quality of work offered at auction is probably the best overall for the last 22 years".Another feature of the auction bell called "extremely high international representation of collectors, investors." According to Sotheby's, 42% were submitted at auction UK, 35% other Europe 16% USA, 3% - CIS and 4% in other regions of the planet, ITAR-TASS reported. Source: Sotheby's has set up 19 records. . . . Читать полностью -->

Alexey Panin decided to go to court to win child

Alexey Panin decided to go to court to win childA fierce struggle popular actor Alexey Panin with former civil wife Julia Udintseva for the 9-month-old daughter Anya continues.The star of the Comedy "dead man's bluff" filed a complaint to the police about a criminal investigation into allegedly kidnapping ex-wife's daughter. However, the investigators ATC Sudogda district of Vladimir oblast refused to Alexei. And the actor has decided to reclaim the child through the court.As previously reported, the actor and his ex-wife after breaking up can not agree about who will remain their little daughter. Panin, claims that the ex-wife's mental problems and because of this you can't trust her child. Panin, according to Julia, gave the court a dubious conclusion "emergency" that she allegedly schizophrenia.The mother of the baby I'm sure that Anya needed parent star only for the image. In late July, unbeknownst to Julia, the actor took the baby from getting it in the Vladimir region. Читать полностью -->

Jackie Chan has devoted a solo album Olympics

Jackie Chan has devoted a solo album OlympicsThe Beijing Olympics is dedicated solo album actor Jackie Chan "Official album for the Beijing 2008 Olympic games - Jacky Chan's version".It includes 10 songs, full 53-year-old master of kung fu specifically to the current Games. Among them - "We are ready" and "Welcome to Beijing"."We chose Jackie Chan, because he's a famous Chinese master of film and because he did a lot for the Olympics," said album producer Yu Benjani.Jackie Chan has the status of honorary volunteer of the Olympics. He participates in the project "celestial Legend", aimed at promoting Chinese culture in the world. For example, he participated in the creation of a collection of clothes for the Olympics, which, in addition to the five Olympic rings, decorated with calligraphy inscribed with hieroglyphs, such as "Hae" - "peace", and "u" - friendship. Source: Jackie Chan has devoted a solo album Olympics. . Читать полностью -->

Playboy section the soloist of the band `Chi-Li`

Playboy section the soloist of the band `Chi-Li` The soloist of "Chi-Li" is very attractive in the image of a naked model.Source: Playboy section the soloist of the band "Chi-Li" (photo). . . . . . Читать полностью -->

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