In the United States will shoot a remake of `Rashomon` by Akira Kurosawa

In the United States will shoot a remake of `Rashomon` by Akira KurosawaAmerican Harbor Light and Japanese Lotus are going to shoot a remake of the black-and-white film Akira Kurosawa's "rashomon", reports Variety. The release of the film scheduled in 2010 for the centenary of the birth of legendary Japanese filmmaker.The working title of picture - "Rashomon 2010". The plot of the film will repeat in Kurosawa's original, only the action will take place in the modern USA. In 2001, Harbor Light have already tried to do a remake of "Rashomon", but failed."Rashomon 2010" will release along with the animated picture taken by written by Kurosawa's "the Mask of Black Death. The action in the movie will happen in Russia, where a disease kills most of the population in the early 20th century."Rashomon", which is based on two stories by Japanese writer of the first half of the twentieth century ryunosuke Akutagawa's "rashomon Gate" and "In the thicket", in 1951 he won the award "Oscar" as the best film in a foreign language, as well as Venetian "Golden lion" award and the Italian film critics.Akira Kurosawa died September 6, 1998. Source: U.S. Читать полностью -->

A list of the most stylish men

A list of the most stylish menIn the list of most stylish men of 2008 by the magazine Esquire got presidential candidate Barack Obama and football Manager Fabio Capello, according to the Sky News website.In addition to the American black President and Manager of the England football team in the top ten well dressed men got the Chicago rapper Lup Fiasco (Lupe Fiasco), journalist Jeremy Paxman (Jeremy Paxman), head of Marks&Spencer Stuart rose (Stuart Rose), actor Christian bale, Prince Michael of Kent, Explorer and environmental activist devil Mayer de Rothschild, head of Sotheby's Tobias Meyer and Italian industrialist Lapo Elkann (Lapo Elkann).According to the head of the section of fashion publications Catherine Hayward (Catherine Hayward), the ranking includes the names of those men who are not only well dressed, but have a unique style, emphasizing their individuality. Source: List of most stylish men. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Tina Turner releases `final` album

Tina Turner releases `final` albumAmerican singer Tina Turner is preparing to release a CD compilation of the best hits, which also will include two brand new compositions.Release date of the new album Tina Turner coincided with the beginning of the tour the singer in the USA. Album legendary singer under the name "Tina!", will be released September 30, pass on the Details.The disc concludes successful musical career of Tina Turner, which consists entirely of popular hits, including rare recordings and new versions of such hits as: "Nutbush City Limits" and "What's Love Got To Do With It".The album includes 18 tracks, 4 of them are recordings from live performances of the singer during the European tours over the years. Also on the album will be released two new songs "It Would Be a Crime" and "I'm Ready" , which is the first time the singer will present to the public during the tour.68-year-old singer Tina Turner, whose name entered the history of world music, stopped concerts in 2000. The first performance of Tina Turner in eight years took place at the ceremony of the Grammy awards in February this year, in which the American star performed the song in duet with Beyonce.Tour Tina Turner on USA kicks off October 1 in Kansas city, writes Reuters. Source: Tina Turner released "final" album. . Читать полностью -->

Sienna Miller handle her own problems

Sienna Miller handle her own problemsRecently Sienna Miller stated that she had no bodyguards, assistants and even drivers."I want to solve their problems and prevent surprises. I live by myself and try to completely control your life," says the star.After all the hype with Balthazar Getty, no one would accuse the actress in the desire to be alone."Before becoming an independent star I was already known as the girlfriend of Jude law, but I'm not looking for fame. I don't go to other people's premieres, have not been to the clubs, sometimes I go to bars," says Sienna.And in conclusion she added : "Now the only thing I believe in the newspaper - it's a date". After Miller returned to London, she spends her time with her mother. Source: Sienna Miller handle her own problems. . Читать полностью -->

The ex-husband of Angelina Jolie waiting for her return to him

The ex-husband of Angelina Jolie waiting for her return to himActor Billy Bob Thornton, ex-husband of Angelina Jolie, I am sure that the relationship of the actress with brad pitt will not last long.According to Thornton, Angelina's relationship with brad - a kind of "school novel", which will end sooner or later, says the magazine NOW.He even sure that his ex-wife, now pregnant with twins, soon it will be back. For Angelina it's just a school romance - as, for example, to meet the captain of the school football team. In this case, it's brad pitt. She is very lucid soon. Not sure whether I am ready to answer her feelings, because I'm not a fan of repetition," said Thornton, claiming that at the time of the collapse "of Brangelina" he'll be there with the actress.Recall that three-year marriage of Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton that arose after the shooting the actors in the film Managing the mission". broke up in 2005.Union, the media nicknamed "Brangelina", was formed in 2003. Читать полностью -->

Pamela Anderson left the club in a wet t-shirt

Pamela Anderson left the club in a wet t-shirtFor anybody not a secret that Pamela Anderson glorified water, but the sea, where beauty was multiplas in the Zenith of his fame, appearing in TV series "Baywatch".In all likelihood, the legendary Playboy model wanted to return to the glorious 90's... and soaking wet.The paparazzi caught Busty blonde when she staggered out of a nightclub in Hollywood, where pam all night partying with your friends, reports The Sun. Judging by the soaked clothing, disheveled hair and a playful face, Pamela participated in the contest "wet t shirt" or did something hotter.However, despite his violent temper and still seductive form, the 41-year-old model and actress is aging rapidly. In early August in Central Park in new York the paparazzi photographed Pamela Anderson during a morning stroll with her son and a mysterious man very unsightly appearance. And although the appearance pam left much to be desired, it is possible to distinguish from the crowd with a stylish designer bag. It was, perhaps, the only accessory that resembled a recent brilliant appearance of Actresses on the Show David Letterman," where she appeared in a white bodycon dress. Читать полностью -->

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