Theatre Director betrayed Irina Alferov

Theatre Director betrayed Irina AlferovFor actress Irina Alferova new season at theatre "School of modern drama" began with bad news. At the gathering of the troupe, she learned that the play "a man Came to the woman" will be held on Monday at the theater for the last time.The news hurt Irina Ivanovna, what sorrow she cried, "Komsomolskaya Pravda"."I don't like betrayal - shared then Alferov. - The Director could have warned me. The show sold out and all of a sudden it is closed?! I'm in shock!". . . Читать полностью -->

Cristiano Ronaldo won the `Golden boot`

Cristiano Ronaldo won the `Golden boot`Cristiano Ronaldo became the third player in the history of Portuguese football, won the "Golden boot".In 1973, this prestigious prize went to Eusebio, and in 1983 and 1985 the top scorer of Europe proclaimed the striker Porto Fernando Gomes, better known as Nuno Gomes.The English midfielder of Manchester United and Portugal national team Cristiano Ronaldo won the prize for the best scorer of the European season - "Golden boot". The official award ceremony was held on the Portuguese island of Madeira, where he was born is the most expensive to date footballer in the world.Asking to hold the ceremony in Madeira, a Portuguese footballer, who scored in the English Premier League 31 the ball, so wanted to pay tribute to his late father.Note that the 'forwardonly" prize Ronaldo received, not playing on the position of the forward. The hero of the occasion on this occasion said that "winning the "Golden boot", he slightly changed football". "Usually this award goes to the attacker and I flank player. Honestly, I think that was the most consistent scorer", - quotes Cristiano Ronaldo "the General newspaper".Last season Ronaldo won Manchester United the Premier League and the Champions League. However, in the fight for the UEFA super Cup red devils lost to the St. Читать полностью -->

Died American actor Bernie Mac

Died American actor Bernie MacThe famous American actor Bernie Mac, known to all for her role in the film "ocean's 11",died today at the age of 50 years at the hospital of the city of Chicago.The cause of death was a complication of pneumonia, from which the actor was treated for several weeks, the Associated Press reports.In addition to all the films about the ocean : "ocean's 11", "12 " ocean", "13 " ocean", Mac starred in such famous films as "transformers", "Bad Santa", "Charlie's Angels 2", "Inspector Gadget" and "Friday". Plus dozens of movies that are less familiar to a wide audience: "Pride", "booty Call", "How to be a player" and others.In the U.S., the Mac was very popular and had his own TV show, which was called "Show Bernie Mac." For it he received the prestigious award for journalists, established by Georgia state University, Peabody - Peabody Awards.Bernie Mac was born October 5, 1958. Source: Died American actor Bernie Mac. . . . Читать полностью -->

Galkin like that `marry` Pugacheva

Galkin like that `marry` Pugacheva"The wedding's off," said the humorist, denying all the rumors about his loving relationship with a Diva.Meanwhile, the media, passionate about personal life of stars completely forgot about it telecharger: Galkin will be the next host of "Dancing on ice" instead Zavorotnyuk .When Anastasia Zavorotniuk from the ice show on the channel "Russia" went over to the First channel, in the show "Ice age", the organizers were shocked. Such act "the perfect nanny" they didn't expect, says Komsomolskaya Pravda.The situation had to be addressed urgently. And September 15, the journalists presented a new host of project - parodist Maxim Galkin. "The offer to become the host of the show "Dancing on ice" I received two weeks ago - told us Maxim. - I have long pondered, agreed almost immediately. I love all these ice shows. Читать полностью -->

The Swiss award for our Director

The Swiss award for our DirectorAnnounced the winners of the film festival in Zurich. The Grand Prix was awarded to the film "Tulip" joint production of Germany, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Poland and Russia, filmed by Sergei Dvortsovy.Announced the winners of the film festival in Zurich (2008 Zurich Film Festival). According to Variety, the Grand Prix was awarded to the film "Tulip" joint production of Germany, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Poland and Russia, filmed by Sergei Dvortsovy.The film dvortsevogo has already passed for the festival in Karlovy vary and Cannes, where it won the UN certain regard", and also included in the program of the London film festival. The picture focuses on the national exotic, her story tells of the hardship and joys of family life of sheep in the Kazakh steppes.The Zurich festival, founded in 2005, is considered one of the most promising young festivals in the world. This year it was visited by 36 million people - a third more than in 2007. the jury was actor Peter Foundation (Peter Fonda).Among the winners of the Zurich festival is the Russians - in the first year of holding the film "the Italian" Andrei Kravchuk was recognized as the best debut. Читать полностью -->

Secret love life of Nikolai Baskov

Secret love life of Nikolai BaskovIn celebration of the birthday of Anastasia Stotskaya was an answer to a question that has already long months of care about half the country - what is happening in the personal life of Nikolai Baskov.While the country is wondering daisies, some of the girls that appear in its environment, is a new half of the tenor, he remains true to his childhood love.Fifteen years - no more and no less - lasting romantic relationship Nikolai Baskov and famous Actresses Natalia Gromushkina. Many know her as the former wife of Alexander Domogarova, but if she has its own, special.When Gromushkina and Basque in the arms appeared at a birthday Nastya Stotskaya, many of the "knowledgeable" 's eyes widened. Colleagues who are aware of that many years ago these two artists had an affair, were convinced that Nikolai and Natalia, approaching his thirties with the fact that some are not destined to survive for a lifetime, will remain just friends.But it turned out that the failures on the personal front only bonded Union of Natalia and Nicholas, who, as if in a whirlpool with a head, once again immersed in the romance.- Kolya and I know each other for many years. We studied in the same school and was engaged in a theatrical Studio, - has shared with "Z" Natalia Gromushkina. - We talked the whole time. Another thing, you rarely see because of employment. Читать полностью -->

Girlfriend Orlando bloom starred in bikini for magazine `Palph`

Girlfriend Orlando bloom starred in bikini for magazine `Palph` In the network appeared the photo shoot girlfriend Orlando bloom Miranda Kerr. Girl posing in bikini for the magazine "Palph" - and now we can enjoy that also got Orlando in his Hollywood hands.I must admit, got a lot. Let bust Miranda and third size - but in General looks very harmonious girl. Of course, in the magazine cost is not without photoshop - but we will appreciate the charm of Miranda. Source: Girlfriend Orlando bloom starred in bikini for magazine Palph" (photo). . Читать полностью -->

Salma Hayek will film a reality show about weddings

Salma Hayek will film a reality show about weddingsActress Salma Hayek recently abandoned her own wedding - and will now do a reality show about other people's weddings.A new reality-the project will be different "original look" at the marriage ceremony.For a long time Salma Hayek was an Executive producer of the popular television series "Ugly Betty" is an American of Russian analogue tape "Not born beautiful". In July she broke off the engagement to a French billionaire and father of her daughter Valentina, franГ§ois-Henri Pinault. Source: Salma Hayek will film a reality show about weddings. . . . Читать полностью -->

Jim Carrey visited with a friend at a gay club

Jim Carrey visited with a friend at a gay clubA small splash and a large wave of rumors spawned a recent walk through the streets of Miami famous comedian Jim Carrey ("the Mask"). 46-year-old actor, painted and appropriately dressed, strolled arm in arm with muscular handsome.Onlookers were unaware that Jim is a partner in the film - a 32-year-old Rodrigue Santoro ("lost", "300") just went for a walk during a break at work.However, removed a couple of really in the movie about gay - black Comedy "I Love You Phillip Morris". Carrie plays a prisoner who falls in love with his cellmate. And how to remain indifferent, if your roommate on his bunk depicts a darling Ewan McGregor ("Moulin Rouge").By the way, Jim and Evan twice a week once sat in the Miami gay bar "Halo". You see, taking on the image. The film will amuse the audience this year. Читать полностью -->

Prince Harry went to Africa to help sick children

Prince Harry went to Africa to help sick childrenThe younger son of Charles, Prince of Wales Prince Harry along with 26 other soldiers cavalry Court went into a small country of Lesotho in southern Africa.In Africa, Prince Harry will participate in the construction of schools for children with mental and physical disabilities. This was announced by the Director under the patronage of the Prince Sentebale charity Fund Harper brown.Over the next three weeks, Harry and his colleagues have to build ramps to cover the roof, to install fencing and plaster building.The Prince is very familiar with Lesotho - in the Kingdom he spent a year after high school. Since 2004 he has repeatedly expressed a desire to return to the country to help its citizens. In Lesotho is among the highest level of HIV infection, also it is shaken by the bubonic plague. Incurable diseases out there suffering 30% of the population, and life expectancy does not exceed 34 years, reports RIA "Novosti".The idea of rebuilding dilapidated schools in the North of Lesotho belongs to Prince Harry and the younger brother of the king of Lesotho Prince of Shiso. Source: Prince Harry went to Africa to help sick children. Читать полностью -->

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