Model Alice did `caught` with drugs

Model Alice did `caught` with drugsApparently the glory of the most stylish women in the world, Kate moss, is haunted by her envious colleagues. Here are the young models in the footsteps of Coca Princess, strictly following the path of life Kate.In the fashion world, broke another scandal: scandalous photo supermodel Alice was Doing drugs, was leaked to the media. The face of Mango jeans collection and one of the sexiest women in the world photographed in a completely inadequate form, next to it is the Bank card, white powder and hollow tubule, writes The Daily Mail.In the beginning of the year Alice replaced her idol Kate moss as the face of Agent Provocateur, also 20-year-old beauty works as a model for Mango and Vivienne Westwood. Close friends are shocked published photographs, in their opinion, the cocaine "photoshoot" can easily ruin the career of a star in the Zenith of its glory.In the first photo, taken in July, Alice and her friend fool around, looking straight into the camera. Beside them on the box from under the DVD are all the attributes necessary for cocaine use, including a suspicious white powder. In the second picture, taken in March of this year, Alice, dressed in a skirt and brand jacket sitting on the sofa of one of night clubs of London and holds something strongly resembling a bag of cocaine dose.It is worth noting that aunt Alice, Susie died of a heroin overdose when I was studying in Paris. Читать полностью -->

Club Timati closed with the scandal

Club Timati closed with the scandalTrendy nightclub popular rapper Timati, located in the basement of the Moscow cinema "October", closed with the scandal. The reason was the conflict of the head of the cinema and idol of teenagers.According to rumors, the landlord has requested a too high amount, and Timothy, though non-poor guy, I decided to bargain. Pathetic institution has worked for more than a year.- Soon, the roof of one of the shopping malls will open my new megaclub that will amaze everyone with his style and multi-purpose orientation. This will be the most fashionable place in Moscow. Apparently, in the new school Timati free entry will be only for their own, and fans of partying and just freeloaders, as they say, do not worry. Source: Timati Club closed with the scandal. Читать полностью -->

Called the last will of Nonna Mordyukova

Called the last will of Nonna MordyukovaThe legend of the Soviet cinema and one of the most beautiful Actresses Nonna Mordyukova died in Moscow on Sunday evening. The funeral of people's artist of the USSR will be held on Wednesday at Kuntsevo cemetery. Civil funeral will not.Nonna Mordyukova died on 83-m to year of life. In recent years, the health of the actress was weak and she had to repeatedly go to the hospital.As told by the sister of the actress Natalia Viktorovna Mordyukova, "it happened the day before at 10 PM. A few hours before we talked to her by phone, she said that feels good.". . Читать полностью -->

Ex-girlfriend Verne Troyer told about their sex games

Ex-girlfriend Verne Troyer told about their sex gamesIf your partner is two times lower than you, then full-on sex with him - a very difficult task. However, as shown by the entry homemade porn actor midget Verne Troyer and her former mistress Renee Shreider, the small size is not a hindrance to the rapid orgasm.After a candid video of Troyer, best known for playing Mini-me in the spy Comedy "Austin powers", was leaked online, the 22-year-old actress Renee opened the newspaper News of the World the juicy details of their intimate relations with the dwarf."I never even imagined that one day I would like to start Dating with a man who hardly gets me knee - confessed hot brunette. - But as soon as I met Vern, I was fascinated by his personality, so that growth does not have much value. For 6 months I even gave up high heels"."Of course, sex with Right is strikingly different from anything I had experienced before, because I had to kneel down just to hug him. So any sexual position except the traditional "missionary" were virtually impossible. To have sex, he crawled all over my legs so that his feet began to tickle my knees, " shared the actress. Читать полностью -->

Little giant staged a sex scandal in Hollywood

Little giant staged a sex scandal in Hollywood The website TMZ got somewhere a video of a very personal archive of a little star popular Comedy. The actor-dwarf Vern Trier indulges in passionate love in the company of his ex-girlfriend, which is almost three times higher.It would seem now nobody will be surprised homemade porn stars in the Internet were recording love comfort socialite Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, Kim Kadarshian, however there is no limit to human curiosity.World leaked candid video midget Verne Troyer, aka Mini-me.In a candid video Troyer indulges in pleasures with 22-year-old renГ© Shreider, and the actor himself barely gets his mistress to his waist. It is known that Renee some time met with Right. She came to Hollywood from Kentucky and worked in the Factory of dreams model.The growth of Troyer - 82 cm. However, as it turned out, the growth in bed is irrelevant.The record gives is so mind-blowing impression that putting it online in no hurry - free access while there are short and very harmless passage of the film where only a couple passionately kissing.However, rumor has it that the distributor scandalous video "One Night in Paris" Kevin Blatt is already negotiating about the sale of a new masterpiece. The preliminary price of the disc with the full version of the recording is 100 thousand dollars.Recently Troyer became the most successful actor-dwarf in Hollywood.Worldwide fame and status he brought to films about the spy Austin Powers. Читать полностью -->

Anna Semenovich stole clothes

Anna Semenovich stole clothesThe sexiest singing actress of the Russian show business Anna Semenovich robbed on set.At a photo shoot for a famous glossy magazine 28 year old Anya was supposed to stand in the military image from the film "Hitler kaput".But the outfits a total cost of 150 thousand rubles were stolen from the dressing room in a matter of minutes before her arrival.It should be noted that the form of this picture was stitched on the original patterns of the brand Hugo Boss, who during the war made-for-German military uniforms.- We are very sorry that someone they needed, - shares with "Z" crew. Source: Anna Semenovich stole clothes. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Gisele Bundchen appeared on the pages of Arena magazine

Gisele Bundchen appeared on the pages of Arena magazine The photoshoot was working photographer Nino of Munoz (Nino Muñoz) and stylist Andrew Davis (Andrew Davis), is called "At Home with Gisele" - "Home Giselle".Camera just for a moment looked into the abode of the most paid supermodels. Gisele Caroline Bundchen was born in the small Brazilian town Horizontina.In his youth, as is often the case with the girls of model appearance, Giselle did not feel very attractive because of its thinness and too tall.The life of an ordinary schoolgirl has changed after one of the agents Elite Modeling saw Giselle eating a "big Mac" at McDonald's and a car, then offered her to try herself as a model. Giselle agreed immediately, but after considering the proposal, accepted it.Not surprisingly, with a great physique and is 180 cm tall Attractive career immediately took off.Vogue magazine noted that with the advent of Giselle Gisela budhan in the fashion industry over the period of the "skinny homelessness" it's time "is a truly sexy model".According to estimates by Forbes, the income of Giselle for the past year amounted to $ 33 million.And if with the same frequency it will further appear in the pages of publications, it can receive the title of "the highest paid model of the world" next year."The most perfect body in the world" do not niggle ! Source: Gisele Bundchen appeared on the pages of Arena magazine (photo). . . . Читать полностью -->

Pugacheva Yudashkin discuss the details of the wedding dresses

Pugacheva Yudashkin discuss the details of the wedding dressesFinally it became known, in what dress Alla Pugacheva will marry Maxim Galkin. As it turned out, the diva will walk down the aisle in a lace dress by Valentin Yudashkin, which uses for a wedding dress embroidery sample of the eighteenth century.As writes "Your day", a preparation for the celebration is in full swing. Last night in the hotel "national" Alla met with fashion designer and close friend of the family Valentin Yudashkin. All evening they discussed the details of the wedding dress.The choice Pugacheva fell on the dress from exclusive lace fabric with hand embroidery, stylized decoration of the XVIII century. According to assistant designer, now two of the best technologists fashion House they sent in an Italian workshop in Milan, where they booked an exclusive fabric with handmade embroidery.Famous Italian workshop on production of exclusive fabrics Via della Vigna Nuova long been very popular among the stars of world size, says the tabloid. As planned, on Monday the wizard will begin work on the project. Читать полностью -->