Baturin hides from Rudkovskaya children

Baturin hides from Rudkovskaya childrenThe producer of the winner of "Eurovision-2008" Yana Rudkovskaya the efforts of the ex-husband of businessman Victor Baturin has not seen his sons nick and Andrew for several months.If she could at least talk to them on the phone, now Jan free this - Victor Baturin has changed the SIM card of the mobile phone.ScandalThe controversial history of divorce music producer Yana Rudkovskaya and billionaire Viktor Baturin received an unexpected continuation. The idea that the ex-spouse is hiding sons in different parts of the world, as models have become accustomed. But it seemed Baturina little, and he changed his phone number.- I asked to see the boys, but this man, nothing is sacred - said "TD" Rudkovskaya. - I'm trying to get the boys to tell them HOW I've missed you, which was brought from Serbia gifts... But Baturin went to extreme measures - he cut the last thread. Changed the number.Recall, about a month ago billionaire has announced that he is married. Читать полностью -->

In the Russian rolling out the movie `righteous kill`

In the Russian rolling out the movie `righteous kill`"Righteous kill / Righteous kill" by John Avnet, released Thursday, has the potential to become a sensation.The audience for the third time will have the opportunity to see two of the greatest actors - Robert De Niro and al Pacino in one movie. However, how good is it when in one shot actors are of equal importance and level, everyone can decide for himself.Pretty fat Robert De Niro speaks directly into the lens Amateur camera that he's a COP and a serial killer, dispatched to the light 15 or 16 people. And what happens next is a story, passed to his words.The story is that two COP (De Niro and Pacino) are investigating a case about a mysterious killer whose handwriting can be traced in all senses, including the literal. Beside each corpse is found the scrap of paper on which hand-written a few rhymed lines. The corpses also not so simple: every one of them a potential criminal, one way or another departed from the prison punishment or other retaliation. It's the pimps, drug dealers, rapists, Russian mobsters and other criminals.Thus, the killer turns out to be a sort of Robin hood, but is a little worried about some police officers approaching retirement age and two young servants of the law (Leguizamo and John Wahlberg), which is either put to first, whether they accidentally constantly confronted by the same bodies. Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears takes a kid in a toy Cadillac

Britney Spears takes a kid in a toy Cadillac Driving talent Britney Spears - byword. She constantly breaks the rules and gets in an accident. Apparently, since the court forbade her to carry children in his car, she decided to take the toy caddy.Miss Spears recently allowed to spend more time with children, and she actively enjoys it. For example, yesterday she sons staged impromptu race around the Hollywood area Studio City, writes Daily Mail.It seems that the life of 26-year-old former pop Princess is getting better, notes the magazine Ok. Recently a two-Sean Preston and polutorogodovaloy Jaydon James spend more time in her California mansion. Warmer relations with Britney's ex-husband and legal guardian children Kevin and motherhood. Читать полностью -->

Artists haunts of the famous painting by Malevich

Artists haunts of the famous painting by MalevichA dozen contemporary artists, going on summer vacation, I decided to once again sing in the new manner known image of the "Black square" by Malevich.What came out of it, can be seen at the exhibition "100% blacksquare", which is now in Moscow. As might be expected, the dialogue with Malevich was mixed: some openly admire him, others strive to pry and be thrown from the pedestal.Along with dolls, caviar and ushanka "Black square" by Kazimir Malevich, Dating back to 1915, long since turned into a national, cultural and commercial brand. Even if one is not versed in the currents of Russian avant-garde, his iconic work in this direction POPs up immediately. POPs up, usually in a sarcastic and ironic context: that's modern art, complete degradation when the painting remains in the truest sense of the black hole! In the late 1990-ies the exhibition Malevich at the Tretyakov gallery browser "OR" had to watch infinite group, staying for a long time about the "Square". Needed to hear what comments were given by the tour guides to explain the picture." Here you and the struggle of light with darkness, and the icon of the most cruel and inhuman of the twentieth century, and some complicated mathematical ratios, coupled with the mystical insights. In General, the number of interpretations is crazy and insinuations "Black square" is right behind "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo da Vinci.Nothing surprising in the fact that "Square" is a special kind of artistic currency, which goes hand in hand in almost all contemporary Russian galleries and museums. Читать полностью -->

Andrey Danilko umbrage at Ukrainian politicians

Andrey Danilko umbrage at Ukrainian politiciansAs told "GG" knowledgeable person, due to recent events associated with Broiderie-2008, the artist has even became depressed.The fact that a few days after the finals singer Days Lorak and her chief assistant Philip from the hands of President Viktor Yushchenko received the documents conferring the title of people's artist of Ukraine". This could not be upset Danylko: last year, when flamboyant Serdyuchka took silver, Andrew promised to give a flat and even to name a street in Poltava in his honor, However, the promises were empty words.Meanwhile, after the Eurovision-2007 Danilko has received several tempting offers from Western record companies, and his banter hit "Chop, chop, AI-Liu-Liu" became an international hit. Serdyuchka was a welcome guest at Eurovision this year. "GG" wrote that her statement on the Ukrainian party in support of Ani Lorak in Belgrade paid Viktor Baturin, as the organizers invited the jurisdiction to arrive at his own expense. The artist is doubly a shame, because besides that in Russia, and the home of Sergushkino second place was first recognized, but the people's love for the well-fed lady, unlike Lorak, goes far beyond Ukraine. Source: Andrey Danilko umbrage at Ukrainian politicians. Читать полностью -->

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