Elena Obraztsova has left the Mikhailovsky theatre

Elena Obraztsova has left the Mikhailovsky theatreElena Obraztsova, since the summer of 2007, the head of the Opera company of St. Petersburg's Mikhailovsky theatre of Opera and ballet named after Mussorgsky), wrote a letter of resignation from his post and left for two months in Japan."Kommersant" quoted a fragment of a letter the singer to the Directorate of the theater: "I see their commitment to the artists and the society is made... I'm ready to continue to help Michael in the huge business of creating gorgeous ensemble.Director of the Mikhailovsky theatre Vladimir Kekhman said that in the near future the theatre will appear at the planning Department to advise Elena Obraztsova. This Department will develop the policy repertoire of the theatre. New productions of the current season, according to Vladimir Kekhman, will cost "without artistic leadership." The nearest premiere - "Pagliacci" Leoncavallo staged by Liliana Cavani - to be held in mid-November 2008.A few days before the start of the 2008-2009 season guide of the Mikhailovsky theatre refused the premiere of "Eugene Onegin" in the reconstruction of Michael Dotlibov. In may, the company left the main conductor Andrey anichanov, and about the same time stopped working on the Opera of Sergey Taneyev's "Oresteia", which was staged by Alexander Sokurov. Читать полностью -->

Jolie and pitt want to adopt a Chinese baby

Jolie and pitt want to adopt a Chinese babyAngelina Jolie, who is in the hospital awaiting the birth of twins, decided in the near future to adopt another child.According to the website РЎontactmusic.com pitt and Jolie took to heart the tragedy that occurred in may in China. Recall that in a major earthquake there killed more than 70 thousand people. Star family now raising three adopted children and a daughter, Shiloh, wants to adopt an orphan from the affected province."Despite the approaching birth, Angie and brad are already talking about another adoption, quoted by the online edition StarsLife informed sources of the magazine "National Enquirer". - Angelina terribly upset about what happened in China, she was constantly in touch with the volunteers who worked at the site of the tragedy from the UN, and in her hands were the pictures of orphans. She wanted to offer your home for one of them - or even the two Chinese orphans, if they want to live it". Source: Jolie and pitt want to adopt a Chinese baby. Читать полностью -->

In new York to hammer away blood-stained clothes Tony Soprano

In new York to hammer away blood-stained clothes Tony SopranoOn Wednesday, the costumes of the famous Tony Soprano, one of the main characters of the television series "the Sopranos" were sold at auction at Christie's in new York for 187750 dollars, exceeding four times the appraised value of the lot, according to Reuters.At a charity auction dedicated to pop culture, the main role by Soprano James Gandolfini over here put 25 lots. All proceeds will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project, which helps wounded soldiers of the American army.Top-lot auction was blood stained suit Soprano, in which the actor played in the beginning of the sixth season of the television series. The clothes were sold for $ 43750-12 times exceeded the expectations of the organizers of the auction.It is also reported that at the charity auction was sold and a leather jacket the king of rock ' n ' roll Elvis Presley. The motor-cycle "Harley Davidson" embroidered with the initials Presley lined and decorated with diamond grit badge, given to Elvis during his life one of his employees, was sold for 35 thousand dollars, which is almost twice exceeded the expectations of the auctioneers, reports RIA "Novosti".Up for auction were also exposed personal things Jack Kerouac, Jim Morrison, Louis Armstrong and other celebrities. Source: new York to hammer away blood-stained clothes Tony Soprano. . Читать полностью -->

Hepatitis C kills Pamela Anderson

Hepatitis C kills Pamela AndersonFlamboyant actress Pamela Anderson last press conference in Australia looked exhausted and tired.What happened to sexy blonde, and why her appearance was so unusual to others, remains unclear. But appearances 41 year old Pamela has changed obviously in its best way. Perhaps because the actress is affected by the disease - hepatitis C, which she was diagnosed in 2002.Anderson claimed that she had contracted a terrible disease from the needle, which she did the tattoo. According to the information of the Western tabloids, the last time pam had aged at least 15 years. Source: Hepatitis C kills Pamela Anderson. . Читать полностью -->

Joseph Prigogine tired of the whims of the stars

Joseph Prigogine tired of the whims of the starsLike most popular projects on the television show "You're a superstar" will be continued. May be involved in the new project will be Linda and Jeanne Aguzarova.But the wife of singer Valerie Joseph Prigogine in "You're a superstar-2" will be gone.In Prigogine there are several reasons to refuse participation in the project. But the main motive was the behavior of the participants in the show."My participation in the project was very difficult," admitted Prigogine. - Easily I was with Sergei Chelobanova, Alexei Gala, Olga Zarubina, talented and perfectly singing the valley Legostaeva and with all who underwent rebranding. I am dissatisfied with some singers that literally had to fight. No, they did something for the program, but a dramatic change is not wanted. Читать полностью -->

Rudkovskaya tries to reconcile with her husband

Rudkovskaya tries to reconcile with her husbandYana Rudkovskaya and Victor Baturin has officially filed for divorce a few months ago. However, property disputes former spouses were not allowed until now.Now the producer of Dima Bilan and her ex-husband find out their relationship in court, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". In the assets of businessman Victor Baturin and his ex-wife a whole list of expensive real estate and movable property that has great value.Yana Rudkovskaya says that for her, the main thing is the ability to see with his sons Nicholas and Andrew. At the moment this situation is not resolved, although Ian is hoping to reconcile with ex-spouse and children to bring up, though divorced, but together.Concern Yana "child question" does not nullify the division of property. Ex-spouses have to decide who owns the house in the village of Zhukovka area 487,1 square meters. Also the section is subject to a flat in Moscow on 2nd Tverskaya Yamskaya total area 383,5 square meters. Читать полностью -->

Solzhenitsyn will be buried near Klyuchevskoy

Solzhenitsyn will be buried near KlyuchevskoyOn Wednesday in the Donskoy monastery in Moscow will be held the funeral of the famous writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn, after which, as bequeathed to the writer himself, he will be buried in the monastery cemetery.President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, which is specifically for this interrupted his working holiday, will come to the capital to pay final tribute to a great man.Novelist, social activist and winner of the Nobel prize for literature, which became a classic during his lifetime, Alexander Solzhenitsyn died in Moscow on the night of August 4, 90-m to year of acute heart failure.As reported in the press service of the Moscow Patriarchate, the Great Cathedral of the Donskoy monastery divine Liturgy will be held, followed by the funeral service writer who will be buried in the old cemetery of the monastery behind the altar of the Church of St. John of the ladder, next to the historian Vasily Klyuchevsky.A day earlier in the ceremonial hall of the Russian Academy of Sciences on Leninsky Prospekt ceremony for a memorial service and farewell to the writer. The ceremony was attended by prominent public and political figures, and one of the first to pay tribute to a great man came to the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Putting a bouquet of red roses at the tomb of the writer, Putin came to Solzhenitsyn's widow Natalya and expressed condolences to her and her sons writer Stepan and Ermolai."He wanted to die in the summer - died in the summer, he wanted to die at home died at home. I have to say that Solzhenitsyn lived a hard but happy life," he said before Natalya Solzhenitsyn.Strong rain falling yesterday in Moscow has not prevented hundreds of people came to say goodbye to Alexander Solzhenitsyn. The ceremony in the ceremonial hall of the Academy of Sciences lasted till evening, after which the coffin with the body of Solzhenitsyn moved to the Cathedral, reminds RIA "Novosti".My condolences to the family of the writer in addition to the President and the Prime Minister expressed the heads of world powers, including U.S. Читать полностью -->

Victoria Beckham shocked the audience with a new image

Victoria Beckham shocked the audience with a new imageVictoria Beckham since the collapse of the Spice Girls is known more as the wife of a famous football player and a lover of social events.Attempts to Victoria to start a solo career or to do business was not too successful, and where it looks more organic in the role of a socialite.It is logical that the reason for hot discussion are any changes in your wardrobe or appearance of Victoria. So, the other day she shocked the audience with a new hairdo. Mrs Beckham suddenly abandon its proprietary cutting - straight, combed oblique parting hair, short at the nape and extends up to the chin in the front.Now Victoria haircut, often called "elf", writes the Daily Mail. Short tousled hair really remind hairstyle fabulous creatures.New image coincided with the launch of a new fashion collection name Victoria Beckham. Who knows, maybe this initiative will bring the star dividends. Previous attempts to penetrate the fashion market Victoria was a difficult task. Читать полностью -->

The most beautiful female athletes: the American version

The most beautiful female athletes: the American version The website sexysportschicks.com he published his version of the ten most beautiful female athletes, based on a poll of readers.Tops the list of Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova, who has long been not acting.On the second place of the Brazilian twins Bia and Branca that are included in your national team in synchronized swimming.In third place American pole vaulter Allison Stokke. She is no great achievements in sports, but her photos are very popular on the Internet, which probably ensured Alison's place in the ranking.On the 4th place world champion in swimming American Haley cope. She adorned the pages of men's magazines FHM and Maxim.The fifth position is recognized as the Queen of sports beauty Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova.The sixth entry of visitors to the site gave Daniele Cicarelli. She's not an athlete. But apparently, the decisive role was played by the fact that she has long been a friend of the Brazilian striker Ronaldo.In seventh place American runner Jackie Adams. Photographed for the special project of the magazine FHM "Sexy Olympians".Eighth in ranking Russian tennis player Maria Kirilenko.At the 9th place swimmer Amanda beard, whose photo shoot for Playboy magazine caused a heated debate in the United States.Last on the list of most beautiful female athletes Romi Bronco, cheerleading team, "Denver Bronco". Читать полностью -->

Parents Ani Lorak preparing for daughter's wedding

Parents Ani Lorak preparing for daughter's weddingParents are the stars of "Eurovision-2008" Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak in full swing preparing for the wedding of his beloved daughter.However, parents themselves popular artist Ani Lorak and close her fiancГ© Murata still don't know each other and never talked, even though their children lived together for over two years.And just this fall, in celebration of the birthday of Carolina (it's real name Ani), they have the opportunity to meet you.Wedding30 year old singer, as she often said, now completely satisfied with the status unmarried ladies and a civil marriage with a Turk Murat. And after the official presentation from a ring on the finger and a stamp in the passport not to get out, the more that parents want Ani - Jeanne V. and Miroslav Ivanovic. According to the Pope Lorak, daughter blessings he still didn't ask, but consent to the marriage with Murat, he will definitely give. While he's waiting for a dowry from the groom.- A great guy! - says Miroslav Ivanovic. - She could link their fate with some rich man, but listened to his heart. Читать полностью -->

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