Zemfira sings Abramovich at the wedding

Zemfira sings Abramovich at the weddingThe newspaper "Your Day" writes that the speech Zemfira should be the main decoration of the wedding of Roman Abramovich and Dasha Zhukova.Say, on the days of Roman Abramovich decided that his wedding will be the favorite actress - Zemfira. Mrs. Ramazanova, of course, is not averse to sing for this listener.The newspaper also reports that specially if, by accident, but on the eve of the wedding Abramovich and Zhukova, the singer has prepared a Xmas surprise for the couple: a controversial new book about Zemfira, authored by her friend. It is expected that the book will be all about and all. A place of honor in the book is the future groom: a 42-year-old oligarch Roman Abramovich. We are already in awe... Читать полностью -->

Yana Churikova's getting married

Yana Churikova's getting marriedWell-known TV presenter Yana Churikova, recently survived a tough divorce with her first husband Ivan Cyminum, made a willful decision not long to grieve.Not so long ago, Yana made an offer hands and hearts of her current lover is a famous businessman Denis Lazarev. Good news Ian shared with colleagues in the corridors of the Ostankino.Novel"The daughter of the regiment" First channel is now on the seventh heaven from happiness. The chosen star of the blue screen became the owner of a large PR company Denis Lazarev. Now tie a couple of the most sincere and warm feelings. This summer is perhaps the most happy for Yana. After all, they already went on holiday together and spent time on the most expensive resorts in the world. Читать полностью -->

Rudkovskaya took Baturina Bilan

Rudkovskaya took Baturina BilanLegal battles between the producer of Dima Bilan Yana Rudkovskaya and her ex-husband, businessman Victor botulinum lasted more than 11 months.We will remind, recently Jan sued the husband of his sons, with whom Buchanan was not allowed to meet her nor her parents.And yesterday, Tuesday, October 7, the couple held court in the division of joint property.- Yana Alexandrovna and Viktor Nikolaevich was a marriage contract, but Buchanan didn't comply with his conditions. In this regard, we filed a lawsuit, - told "KP" the lawyer Rudkovskaya Tatyana Stukalova.Yesterday the court ordered Baturin Viktor Nikolaevich to pay Rudkovskaya $5 million, to transfer all rights to Dmitry Bilan, which he had left, to transfer the ownership of the building in Sochi, which is now estimated at $20 million and to pay her 26 million rubles of debt.That is, the ex-spouse must pass Joanna about $26 million in the repayment of the marriage contract.- I am satisfied with the decision of the court. I think that this is fair, " said Yana Rudkovskaya.Recall that previously engaged to a famous figure skater Evgeni Plushenko. Source: Rudkovskaya took Baturina Bilan. . . Читать полностью -->

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